About Us

Free To X is a company that develops advanced sustainable mobility services: a diverse and complementary range of solutions to meet the needs of electric travelers in a practical and innovative way.

Our values

Two Free To X charging stations
signboard: 100% green energy

The preservation of our planet is the driving force that guides us in developing our services and in realizing the largest high-power electric charging infrastructure on highways.

Cars runs on an highway in the evening

We apply cutting-edge systems and technologies to meet our customers’ needs with practical, secure, and user-friendly solutions.

A woman and the daughter have fun and smiles in a car
Detail of a person charging an electric car

Our goal is to become a leader in offering services to travelers while promoting the transition to integrated and sustainable mobility.

On the fast track to E-mobility

We are expanding the network of high-power charging stations for electric vehicles both within and outside the highways, available to all Mobility Service Providers and delivering up to 400 kW of power, with an average distance of approximately 50 km between each station.

Our Team

Team di FTX
Valerio Fusco

Chief Financial and Legal Office

Angela Maria Galiano

Internal Control System

Roberta Graziano

HR Business Partner

Andrea Manfron

Chief Marketing, Communication, Public Affairs

Valerio Fusco

Chief Financial and Legal Office

Angela Maria Galiano

Internal Control System

Corporate Governance

The company’s corporate governance, in keeping with the values of its Holding Company aims to create value for stakeholders from controlling business risks to ensuring integrity and fairness in decision-making processes.

About Free To X

Free To X S.r.l.

It is a 100% subsidiary of Autostrade per l’Italia group that develops and integrates cutting-edge technologies and advanced services for highway and urban mobility.