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Free To X branded stores for assistance with cashback, tolling, Viacard, electronic tolling services, electric charging stations and more.

Genova Sampierdarena

Tronco di Genova Direction – Genova Ovest exit at km 133 of the A7 Genova-Serravalle Scrivia

Bologna Casalecchio
Tronco di Bologna Direction – Bologna Casalecchio exit on the A14 Bologna-Taranto.

Prato Est
Prato Est Exit – at km 9 on the A11 Firenze-Pisa Nord

Firenze Nord

Firenze Nord exit – at km 280 on the A1 Milano-Napoli highway

Roma Nord

Feronia Ovest Service Area – at km 4 of the Diramazione Roma Nord towards Rome

Roma Direzione Generale

Direzione Generale di Roma Via Bergamini, 50 – Tiburtina area

Napoli Casoria

At km 754 of the A1 Milan-Naples, towards Rome, between the junction with the Naples ring road and the junction with the A16

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What we offer

You will be able to grow your business earn and attract more customers by offering an innovative and sustainable service.

What you need

A property that is always accessible from a public road, in a high-traffic area preferably close to points of interest such as restaurants or stores.

Find out how to

To apply to host a Free To X charging station, write to info@freeto-x.it. We’ll take care of the rest, investment included.

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