Our charging network

To travel anywhere with electric vehicles without worrying about range, check out the map of high-powered charging stations throughout Italy.

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Your electric journey has no limits anymore

Our 100 high-power charging stations and a network that’s constantly growing make electric travel throughout Italy a present reality.

Up to 400kW
of power
Charging time
15-20 minutes
100% green

Latest active stations

A1 MILANO-NAPOLI km 0.8 direction highway Milano-Napoli
Brembo Nord
A4 TORINO-TRIESTE direction Milano between Dalmine-Capriate
Gargano Ovest
A14 BOLOGNA-TARANTO direction Bari between San Severo-Foggia

How to recharge using Free To X charging stations.

Starting the charge

Bring your RFID card close to the charging station or search it on your Provider’s app, then choose the type of connector and plug it into your car.

When the charge is complete

To stop charging, bring your RFID card close to the charging station or use your Provider’s App. Press “stop” and unplug the cable from the car.

After unplugging the connector

Remember to move your car as soon as you finish charging to allow others to charge their electric vehicles as well.

Free To X charging stations can be used with RFID card and/or app from different Mobility Service Providers. 

You can also find them on the international roaming platforms Hubject and Gireve, which allow interoperability with additional Italian and foreign Mobility Service Providers.

If you need assistance with recharging, please contact the Customer Service of your Mobility Service Provider.


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Free To X’s adventure is covered in Story 41 of the collection of virtuous initiatives promoted by Symbola and Enel X Way.

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