Free To X Family & Friends Day: the energy that makes us one

Free To X's people and their families
On May 25th, we invited our families and closest friends to the “Family & Friends Day,” the event to celebrate the progress Free To X has made over the years.

The morning of May 25th was filled with enthusiasm and participation during the “Family & Friends Day,” attended by employees, friends, and family members, all united by a passion for sustainability and innovation.

Free To X values: Energy to share

The importance of Free To X in the electric mobility landscape in Italy in recent years is undeniable. We have built the country’s largest highway charging infrastructure, with 100 high-power stations distributed along the Autostrade per l’Italia network. Additionally, the Superfast Charging Station at Linate-Malpensa, one of the largest charging stations at an international airport, is another great achievement.

All of this is thanks to the shared values of the people who work at the company: innovation, sustainability, and mobility. A wealth of passion that deserves to be shared and spread.

Involving families and friends, with plenty of activities

Why involve friends and family in a corporate event? The answer is simple: it’s a special opportunity to share our passion with the people we care about the most and let them get to know us a little better. Showing them our spaces, tools, and introducing them to the colleagues with whom we aim to contribute to sustainable mobility.

Family and friends saw firsthand how Free To X is transforming the Italian highway network, making it more accessible and sustainable for everyone. It was a day of discovery and learning, where every activity was designed to show how important each person’s contribution is to the change.

The future challenges of Free To X

Significant projects are planned for the company, all aimed at a clear goal: making electric mobility the norm, not the exception. This great revolution is supported daily by all the members of the Free To X team, diverse in skills but united by common values.


The “Family & Friends Day” event was a success in many ways. It strengthened the sense of community and belonging among employees and their families, highlighting the importance of Free To X’s work in the context of sustainable mobility. The future is promising, and with everyone’s commitment, we are ready to make the change towards a world where sustainable mobility is no longer a goal but a daily reality.

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