Free To X at MAPIC Italy – The importance of electric mobility for commercial retail

On May 22nd and 23rd, we participated in the eighth edition of MAPIC Italy, the commercial real estate market fair. The theme of sustainability was at the heart of this edition, and certainly couldn't miss it.

MAPIC Italy is the most important Italian event for retail and commercial real estate. It is a true reference point for discovering the latest trends in the real estate market and engaging with major players.


This year’s edition, titled “Growing in a changing world,” delved into the many factors influencing the sector. The real estate market is evolving because consumer expectations are constantly changing. Among these, concern for the consequences of climate change and the environmental sustainability of properties are now two fundamental aspects that influence their appeal and value.


Regarding these themes, we at Free To X participated in the event with a talk titled “Free To X delivering e-mobility,” in which we discussed our growth journey and all the projects we have realized in recent years in Italy, also looking at future challenges. A widespread network of charging stations is indeed essential to meet consumers’ sustainability demands.


From their perspective, going to a store today is an alternative to shopping online, and those who choose a physical store do so also because they expect an experience that goes beyond merely purchasing products. An experience that meets broader needs, such as the offering of innovative and sustainable services. Among these: charging their electric car.


We decided to participate to share our role and commitment towards more sustainable mobility, highlighting how this also affects other sectors, including commercial retail.

The electric revolution does not happen only “on the road.” Its innovative impact will involve many aspects of our daily lives and will affect not only our environmental awareness but also the places where we choose to shop and the commercial spaces we decide to invest in.
We at Free To X understand this and are ready to do our part, collaborating also with the sector players who attended MAPIC Italy 2024.

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