What was discussed at K.E.Y – The Energy Transition Expo in Rimini, Italy.

The 2024 edition of Key Energy, hosted by the City of Rimini, concluded with great success, highlighting the crucial role of renewable energy in the transition to a sustainable energy future. The event was a meeting point for both national and international experts, professionals and companies in the sector, offering a comprehensive overview of the latest innovations and trends in the energy field.

Get to know Key 2024, the European trade fair dedicated to energy transition


This is not just a fair, but an event with an international scope that is growing year by year, and can now be considered a benchmark for the energy sector and its allied industries.
To give you an idea of the scope of this important event, here are some significant figures:

  • 107 countries involved
  • 837 companies (35% of which are foreign)
  • 36 international associations
  • 123 events and workshops


Projects and initiatives at the event


The three days were full of meetings, business opportunities and moments of insight regarding projects and perspectives of the renewable energy world, how they can be applied to numerous sectors, and the improvements they would bring to companies, Public Administration and private citizens. Yes, because the energy transition will bring concrete benefits to everyone.
The main macro topics addressed were, to name but a few: wind energy, solar energy and storage, the importance and future of hydrogen, energy transition, and, of course, electric mobility.


Electric mobility: what was discussed?


One of the most topical topics among those discussed at Key Energy was precisely that of electric mobility. There were numerous speeches on the subject during the fair, explored in depth by authoritative voices in the sector in specific conferences, and which led participants to reflect on the evolution of e-Mobility in recent years, the importance of a more widespread infrastructure network for the large-scale diffusion of electric vehicles even in business contexts, and how important it is to dispel some erroneous clichés that portray the energy transition as a process that is anything but green.


What about Free To X?


Where we talk about energy transition and electric mobility, we certainly could not miss it. With our stand we were able to experience the beating heart of the exhibition sector dedicated to e-Mobility, having the opportunity to converse with thousands of people from both the industry and those new to the subject.
We treasured everything we heard and saw, coming out even more aware of the importance of the spread of electric mobility and, at the same time, of the great responsibility we have for creating a more sustainable future.

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