The future of electric mobility

In the second episode of The Future of Electric Mobility, with Daniele Invernizzi from eV-Now! and Stefano Catolino, we talk about battery range and charging power. As Daniele explains, the energy density of current vehicle batteries is increasing.


Today we start from a minimum capacity of 50kWh for citycars, which guarantee autonomy of 300km, to the 100-120kWh available on cars suitable for long journeys, able to take full advantage of Free To X’s high-power charging points.


Stefano tells us about the technology adopted for Free To X charging stations on highways.
HPC columns with powers up to 300kW and CCS2 connectors are present in all our charging areas, and in some stations multistandard columns with CHADeMO and Type2 connectors are already in place to ensure technology neutrality for charging every vehicle on the market.


Keep following us, see in episode #3!

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