Earth Day 2024: “Planet vs Plastic” and the electric mobility revolution

Year after year, Earth Day is becoming more and more popular. It is a sign of growing sensitivity and awareness on the issue of environmental sustainability around the world. This year, the impact of plastics on our planet is the theme at the center of the initiative.

Why we talk about Earth Day

It is an international event celebrated worldwide on April 22. Every year since 1970, attention has been focused on an important issue related to the well-being of the planet.
“Planet vs. Plastic” is the theme of this 54th edition.
Thanks to events like this one, it is possible for all generations to be more aware of issues related to environmental protection. In addition, it is a special opportunity to raise everyone’s awareness with respect to what we can do now for a more sustainable future.


The starting point: the Earth needs us

To understand the importance of this day and the habits we can change, we need to consider the situation in which we find ourselves. Every day we hear about sustainability and what actions to take to intervene both at the individual level and at the level of political and economic choices on a national and international scale.
The problem is now known to all, the urgency to take action as well, but it still remains essential to continue the informational action of raising awareness and calling for change.


“Planet vs Plastic”: What to do to reduce plastic consumption.

Plastic is considered one of the most environmentally critical materials. Abandoned plastic waste, now found even in very remote areas of the planet, does not decompose easily and can remain in nature for hundreds of years, compromising ecosystems.
We can implement several actions to counter the impact of plastic on the Earth:

  • Reduce the consumption of single-use products as much as possible and prefer reusable materials, such as aluminum bottles and fabric shopping bags.
  • Limit the phenomenon of fast fashion, that is, the tendency to buy clothes and use them little, without considering their environmental impact.
  • Recycle materials in the correct way.


Electric mobility for our planet. Where do we stand?

Electric mobility is a powerful ally for the health of our planet. Even in the IPCC’s 2023 report  –
UN climate change assessment body-it is reiterated that electric vehicles powered by renewable sources have great potential (given their entire life cycle) to reduce emissions from land transport.
Electric vehicle users, during 2023 contributed 23 percent to reducing overall oil use, saving at least 1.8 million barrels of oil per day.

In addition, from 2035 only electric cars will be allowed to be sold in Europe, to limit the use of fossil fuels and make the sustainability contribution that electric mobility can bring even more impactful.

Regarding the diffusion of electric cars in Italy, according to data from Motus-E we are on the right track but more can be done: compared to other countries, electric cars still remain uncommon and account for only 4.1 percent of market share. In addition, at least 220,188 vehicles were registered at the end of 2023 and there was an increase of 35.11% compared to the same period in 2022.


Earth Day is certainly one more opportunity to raise awareness and strengthen sensitivity on urgent and more fundamental issues than ever before. We at Free To X, with our expertise and our charging network available to all, are doing our part to build a new mobility that is more sustainable and more respectful of our planet.

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