Autostrade per l’Italia, Free To X: high-power charging stations for electric vehicles installation plan concluded in Umbria

3 service areas are now active and contribute to a total of 18 charging points along the Umbrian section of the A1 Milano-Napoli

Rome, Aug. 8, 2023 – The plan to install High Capacity charging stations for electric vehicles in Umbria, which Free To X, an ASPI Group company dedicated to the development of advanced mobility services, is carrying out on the national network under management, has come to a conclusion. 


In this region, in particular, 3 charging stations have been activated along the A1 Milano-Napoli, Fabro Est, Fabro Ovest and Giove Ovest, for a total of 9 charging points capable of supporting 18 cars at the same time, with an interdistance of 49 km between stations.


The project plans to have 100 charging stations along the Autostrade per l’Italia network by the end of the summer. To date there are 76 active charging stations, 12 awaiting activation and 11 nearing completion, and along the Milano-Napoli the average interdistance between service areas is 49 km in line with European levels and the European regulation (Alternative Fuel Infrastructure Regulation – AFIR).


Established in 2021, Free To X is an ASPI Group company dedicated to the development of advanced mobility services, offering solutions to improve the all-around travel experience, focusing on innovation, technology and sustainability. Free To X builds and manages as Charging Point Operator (CPO), the largest network of HPC stations for electric vehicles in Italy, in the highway environment, with columns capable of delivering up to 300kW of power with average charging times of 15 to 20 minutes.  Free To X enables neutrality of technological standards, recharging the different types of vehicles that will travel on the highways with 100% green energy; geographic neutrality, covering the entire highway network of Autostrade per l’Italia; and commercial neutrality, guaranteeing access, on equal terms, to all the main operators of electric mobility (Mobility Service Provider – MSP) who have directly relates with end users, including the main e-roaming platforms. The Free To X infrastructure is available on the Hubject and Gireve e-roaming platforms, and to date more than 50 MSPs, of 15 different nationalities, have joined the interoperability offer.


Drivers of electric cars, will thus be able to take advantage of charging services in total autonomy through the apps or cards of Mobility Service Providers, h24 and 7 days a week, using the charging points for the time necessary to refuel the batteries of their vehicle. Also thanks to these facilities, vacationing by electric car in our country will be simple and sustainable.





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