Autostrade per l’Italia, Free To X and SEA: After Linate, ultrafast recharge stations also at Malpensa.

Powered by 100% renewable energy, 355,000 kg of CO2 saved at Milano Linate in one year thanks to the activation of the charging stations.

Milan, Sept. 29, 2023 – The synergy between Free To X company of Autostrade per l’Italia Group, and SEA, the management company of Milano Linate and Malpensa airports, has brought to completion the electrification project for sustainable and intermodal mobility thanks to the inauguration of the Superfast Charging Station at Milan Malpensa Airport. 


A year after the inauguration of the charging station at Linate Airport, as of this morning, travelers at Malpensa Airport will also be able to take advantage of the ultrafast charging stations to recharge their electric vehicles. Specifically, the station will be composed of 3 Alpitronic HYC300 charging points, each equipped with two CCS2 connectors, with supply power up to 300kW, that will allow 6 vehicles to be charged at the same time in 15\20 minutes, and 1 EVTEC Cappuccino&Charge column equipped with CCS2 and CHAdeMO connectors with supply power up to 64KW, as well as a Type2 socket for AC charging up to 22kW.


The charging points will operate 24 hours a day and accept all forms of payment with major Mobility Service Providers. The charging stations at Milano airports, as well as those on the Autostrade per l’Italia highways network, are powered by 100% renewable energy and represent the highest technological standard in terms of capacity and reliability currently available.


The realization of the charging station stems from the awarding to Free To X, a company of the Autostrade per l’Italia Group – by means of a competitive procedure called by SEA, the management company of the Milano Linate and Malpensa airports – of the construction of 4 Superfast Charging Stations for charging electric cars at the commercial and private aviation airports of Milano Linate and Milano Malpensa. The project sees Free To X in the role of Charge Point Operator of the stations and Atlante, a NHOA Group company, as partner for the implementation and management of energy management services. 


Thanks to the activation of the charging station at Linate airport in the past year, 355,000 kg of CO2 has been saved, equal to that absorbed by more than 14,000 trees.


The project launched today also includes 2 additional charging points, including one superfast (up to 150kW), capable of charging 4 electric cars at a time, installed in the areas outside the airport Terminals dedicated to private aviation.


“During 2021,” as Free To X CEO Giorgio Moroni stated, “we established this company to develop innovative services related to mobility and sustainability. One of Free To X’s most important projects has been the creation of a network of high-power charging stations with charging capabilities up to 300kW. Today the outstanding team of Free To X, after the opening of the Linate station a year ago, has also activated the Superfast Charging Station in Malpensa, which represents a further piece of the partnership with SEA.”


 “With the inauguration of a superfast charging station also at Malpensa, SEA confirms its commitment to the fight against climate change,” says Armando Brunini, CEO of SEA Aeroporti di Milano. – We have been committed for more than a decade to improving the sustainability of our airports and the introduction of the charging stations available to electric cars for passengers, but also for all the people who live and work near the airport, is another concrete step forward.”


Free To X


Free To X is a start-up of Autostrade per l’Italia Group dedicated to the development of advanced mobility services with a focus on innovation, technology and sustainability. It serves all those who travel or move, combining, like a “compass,” the digital and physical dimensions of travel. Green mobility is at the heart of the portfolio of innovative solutions offered by Free To X, with the creation of the largest high-power charging network for electric vehicles, in Italy, on the network managed by ASPI. The Free To X app represents an innovative tool and provides access to cashback for reimbursement of highway tolls, in case of delays due to ongoing works on the network managed by Autostrade per l’Italia. In addition, through the app, it will be possible to plan the trip, calculating travel times, with an estimate of possible delays due to the presence of construction sites for works, on the ASPI network.


SEA Aeroporti di Milano


SEA Aeroporti di Milano is part of the SEA Group and manages the airports of Milano Malpensa and Milano Linate. SEA Aeroporti di Milano is among the leading airport operators in Europe by passenger and cargo traffic.



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