Electric car range on long trips

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Long trips are about planning, preparations, and meticulous attention to make sure everything goes according to plan. With an electric car, only the planning changes, not the taste of going far.

Many of you might reminisce about childhood memories when preparing for a long journey meant loading the car with baggage and packed lunches, setting off on an adventure that could last the entire day, if not more.
For those driving an electric car, that pleasant state comes with an additional consideration that might raise some initial concerns: the range. Here are some practical tips to help you smoothly manage a long jourtrip with an electric car.


Range anxiety on long trips. Do you need to be worried?


Those who drive an electric car may have experienced this feeling. Range anxiety is the is the concern that the electric vehicle won’t be able to cover the required distance, leaving the driver stranded on the road.


Is range anxiety still justified when preparing for a long trip by electric car?


Not as it was a few years ago. Today, across the entire highway network managed by Autostrade per l’Italia, the abundance of charging stations at service areas allows travelers to move throughout Italy confident they will always find a charging station at a distance significantly shorter than the range of their electric vehicle.

Charging time is also getting closer to that of a gasoline or diesel car.

With Free To X high-power charging stations (up to 400kW), it takes only 15-20 minutes.

Furthermore, there’s a growing number of charging stations in urban areas, making it increasingly handy to refuel once you reach your destination. The important thing is to check the availability of charging stations in the area where you are beforehand.


Planning a long journey in an electric car


Let’s go through some straightforward considerations for a stress-free long journey with an electric car:


Be aware of your EV range: Your car’s real range is crucial for planning charging stops. Consider factors that may reduce the range, including high speeds, cold temperatures, and the aging of the battery, which can impact performance over time.


Plan your itinerary and charging stops: Before starting your journey, choose charging stations based on the range of your car. On the Charging Network page, you can find all the Free To X charging stations for electric cars available on the Autostrade per l’Italia network and beyond. As mentioned a few lines above, you won’t have difficulty finding the charging station on the highway at a distance suitable for your needs. The minutes required for charging will be an opportunity for a well-deserved break from driving.


Check the charging station available at your planned destination: If you plan to use the electric car once you reach your destination, it’s useful to know in advance where to recharge in case of need, especially to prepare the car for the return journey.


Precondition the cabin: If the external temperature is significantly different from the one you need inside the car, it’s better to precondition the cabin before setting out. This way, you’ll avoid wasting energy during the journey and step into a more comfortable climate when you get into the car.


Drive efficiently: Efficient driving can make a difference. Maintaining a steady and code-compliant speed, avoiding sudden accelerations, optimizing regenerative braking, and, most importantly, utilizing coasting, remain the best techniques for efficient driving. Additionally, if necessary, you can activate the ‘Eco’ driving mode (if available on your car) for even more energy-efficient management.

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