Car Of The Year 2024: the electric that looks to the future

The Car Of The Year 2024, the most important event in the automotive industry, which featured electric vehicles as the main protagonists, has concluded. 3 cities hosted the finalist models before the final awards ceremony in Geneva, and we decided to join one of them by traveling strictly electric!

An ancient Chinese proverb says, “Every long journey begins with a first step,” like the one the automotive world has already taken toward a destination called “electric.” We at Free To X took another one, in electric of course: starting from Rome and arriving in Cervinia, where the 7 finalist cars of the award were displayed to the public.


Cervinia, along with Milan and Courmayeur, hosted the 7 cars for a few days, giving industry and non-industry enthusiasts a chance to touch and try out the models that competed for the title.
We certainly could not miss it!


Lots of news and a great protagonist


There were many players involved in the Car Of The Year, from automakers to industry journalists, from enthusiasts to curious passers-by, but the absolute protagonist, as well as the main theme of the event, was undoubtedly the electric topic.
Electric mobility is confirmed as the topic that is gaining more and more relevance worldwide from year to year.


Electric, are we ready?


It is one of the most trending questions when it comes to electric, and we had the opportunity to address the topic together with automotive professionals who are building the future of mobility precisely on electric.


Of course, much can still be done to foster the widespread diffusion of electric in our country and beyond, but progress and results are already there for all to see.


Yes, we are ready!


We are well underway: how do you think we got to Cervinia from Rome? Obviously in 100% electric cars and just as obviously we stopped at Free To X stations to recharge our car batteries and ours as well.


But how does charging work?


Filling up an electric car with energy is much easier (and faster) than you might imagine. To show how quick and easy it is to recharge your car with electricity, we won’t add any more words, but you can see for yourself in this video.


Let the numbers speak for themselves


There were many kilometers to cover, but thanks to the ubiquity of the Free To X charging network, the journey was a pleasure and charging anxiety did not set in.
Those involved in electric mobility know that the path to full deployment still has plenty of room for growth, but for those already traveling electric, the numbers speak for themselves.
Here’s how it went:

  • 780 km of road to travel
  • 9 charging stations along the route
  • 19 minutes average time to recharge
  • 135 kg of CO2 saved


Not bad, right?


As evidenced by the trend confirmed at Car Of The Year 2024, the automotive industry is clear about the direction in which the mobility of the future is headed.
A future that is already in the making, made up of new electric cars, an ever-expanding charging network, and more and more drivers who know they can travel electric while enjoying all the benefits (of comfort, efficiency, and sustainability) it offers.
It is still too early to predict what innovations and trends will emerge in the electric sector in the coming years at the Car Of The Year event. What is certain is that we will be there and we will go electric, of course!

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